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The purpose of this page is to list all of the available FFGC Chairmanships and a brief description of the chairman/committee duties. Additional committee information, when available, can be accessed by clicking on the committee name. You'll be taken directly to the committee/project page for more detailed project and contact information. Click here to view/download a list of current CHAIRPERSONS.

Advisory Council - Criteria: An individual must have been a former FFGC President to serve on the Advisory Council.  Description: Advisors are required to meet with the FFGC President twice yearly at Board Meetings.

Affiliate Chairman - Criteria: The chairman should be well acquainted with the interests and mission of FFGC and shall possess the ability to create relationships with organizations who purposes are compatible with FFGC. Description: Seek out and cultivate partnerships to increase the scope of education and community involvement. Bring diverse groups together to achieve common goals.

Arbor Day - Criteria: non-specific. Description: Arbor Day is celebrated the 3rd Friday in January. The chairman's role is to encourage clubs to sponsor an Arbor Day activity, to supply ideas, and provide information about Arbor Day and the Arbor Day Award.

Arboreta & Botanical Gardens - Criteria: non-specific. Description: Chairman will maintain a current list of gardens throughout the state that are open to the public.

Awards Coordinator/Advisor - Criteria: non-specific. Description: Chairman serves as an advisor to the FFGC, Deep South Region, and National Garden Club Awards Chairpersons as requested or needed. He/She coordinates with chairman to ensure that FFGC is kept abreast of changes, updates or other issues or information related to awards.

Awards DonorsCriteria: non-specific. Description: Chairman will solict donations and will encourage clubs to submit 'Books of Evidence' for awards.

Awards FFGC - Criteria: The chairman should be well acquainted with the various projects and their criteria for eligibility. Given the breadth of work involved, this chairmanship may be shared. Description: The chairman is/are responsible (with their committee) for categorizing, collecting, and coordinating the judging of club awards yearly. The chairman will ensure that award rules and requirements are followed.

Awards National Garden Club and Deep South RegionCriteria: non-specific. Description: Chairman will work with the district awards chairpersons. He/She will prepare separate books of evidence for FFGC, Deep South, and National awards. The chairman will ensure that award rules and requirements are followed.

Awards - YouthCriteria: non-specific. Description: The chairman will process all NGC and DS award entries. He/She will ensure that award rules and requirements are followed.

Backyard, School, and Children's Gardening

Bartram Trail Marker - Artist and illustrator, William Bartrum, son of Botanist, John Bartrum, traveled through eight southern states, recording an extensive account of his travels. He included hand drawn illustrations of the plant and wildlife. His accounts included the soil and natural plant life of the region. The late, Former FFGC President Van Blanched designed the Bartrum Trail Markers. Over 70 markers have been placed in the Deep South, marking the route William Bartrum traveled. Twenty five of these markers are in the Florida portion of the trails. These markers mark sites which are mentioned in his book "Bartrum Travels", 1791. FFGC encourages Clubs in Districts 1 - 6 to place a marker in an appropriate Bartrum Trail Site,

Birds, Bees, & ButterfliesCriteria: non-specific. Description: The chairman will work with the Florida Native Plant Society and the FFGC Wildflower chairman to encourage planting to attract butterflies. He/She will work with Junior Gardeners, schools, and community organizations. Will promote garden club programs that work with schools, libraries, and community organziations to spread knowledge of the importance of bees, butterflies and birds.

Blue Star Memorial HighwaysCriteria: non-specific. Description: The chairman is tasked with contacting the districts and clubs to encourage the placement of a memorial marker and surrounding landscaping. 

Bylaws and Standing RulesCriteria: familiarity with not-for-proift organizations, previous experience authoring, submitting formal rules. Description: The chairman and his/her committee are responsible for the formulation and modification of any FFGC Bylaw and/or Standing Rule.

Calendar of EventsCriteria: non-specific. Description: This chairman filters all events submitted for inclusion on the FFGC calendar to ensure appropriateness, relevance, and to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Civic and Community DevelopmentCriteria: non-specific. Description: The chairman is responsible for encouraging clubs to work with their community to develop projects that meet community needs such as improvements to historic sites, parks, schools, etc.

Club ProgramsCriteria: non-specific. Description

Community GardensCriteria: must posess the desire and ability to motivate and mentor. Description: The chairman is responsible for launching or helping to launch new gardens by providing motivation, information, teaching skills, providing contacts, etc.

Convention CoordinatorCriteria: non-specific. Description: The chairman will work with a club, district or group to coordinate the annual convention, develop a theme, engage speakers, and arrange accommodations.

Deep South Unified Project - Criteria: non-specific. Description: This chairman and the Deep South Regional Chairman will work with member clubs to help identify community gardens projects. The Chairman will be collecting pictures, newspaper articles, and summaries from each of our twelve Florida districts so that a "Florida State Book of Evidence" can be compiled.

Earth StewardshipCriteria: non-specific. Description: Chairman will manage submissions and payments for the Earth Steward award.

EndowmentCriteria: non-specific. Description

EPCOT Flower & Garden Show

Every year for over 22 years, during Mother’s Day Weekend, FFGC partners with Walt Disney World and participates in the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival.   FFGC Floral Designers are invited from around the state of Florida to participate, by exhibiting an example of the different styles of Garden Club Designs.  Our purpose is to introduce to the Epcot visitors from around the world to NGC & FFGC garden club opportunities.  FFGC Hostesses mingle with the visitors and talk about the designs and garden club activities. This partnership piques the interest of the visitors and helps educate the public on garden clubs. This chairmanship organizes and facilitates this event. 

FFGC ListensCriteria: Must have a broad range of horticulture, environmental and organizational knowledge. Description: The chairman will respond to inquires on a variety of topics from design to policy.

FFGC Flower Arrangement Calendar (Editor) - Criteria: non-specific. Description: The chairman (editor) will accept floral design submissions for judging. He/She will arrange for the compilation and photography of the calendar. Sales and distribution are the domain of the Calendar Finance & Distribution chairman. 

Florida Gardener magazineCriteria: non-specific. Description

Healing/Sensory GardensCriteria: non-specific. Description

Junior GardenersCriteria: non-specific. Description

Legislative Positions & PoliciesCriteria: non-specific. Description

Master Gardeners - Criteria: non-specific. Description

MembershipCriteria: non-specific. Description

National Garden Club Special ProjectsCriteria: non-specific. Description

National Garden Week ChairmanNGC designates the first full week annually in June as National Garden Week-June 3-9, 2018 and June 2-8, 2019. Responsible for publicizing NGW to district directors, state club presidents and circle chairmen using NGC Poster and Proclamation as well as suggestions to implement celebrations. Follow up to document for future recommendations, state and local publicity and awards. Work with Tri Council in hosting education day during NGW featuring all NGC schools and national consultants.

Penny PinesCriteria: non-specific. Description

Reclamation & Recycling - Fill your recycled bins to the top!  If you run out of space, ask for additional bins.  We have heard it before, but it is still relevant today.  Additional items are recycled and there is no need to sort, cans, bottles from papers. That is the good news.  Keeping in touch with our local and state government is key.  We need to hold our government’s feet to the fire on this issue.  Encourage, work, schools, churches, restaurants and other public places to recycle.    One other “R” is “Repurpose”.  Many items can be repurposed creatively especially in our gardens.  Pinterest.com is a great website for exploring ideas on for repurposing.  Encourage family, friends and local businesses to recycle as much as they can.  Check out Marpan, Tallahassee, Florida on the web.  Recycle, Reclaim and Repurpose and we will have reduced, renewed and reused over half of our trash. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 mature trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 3 cubic yards of landfill space, 2 barrels of oil, and 4000 kilowatt hours of electricity. This is enough energy to power the average American home for 5 months.  Recycled products are sold to local businesses to repurpose.  So, remember Recycle, Reclaim and Repurpose!

Reforestation & Forest EducationCriteria: non-specific. Description

Roadside BeautificationCriteria: non-specific. Description

ScholarshipCriteria: non-specific. Description

S.E.E.KCriteria: non-specific. Description

Special Events PromotionCriteria: non-specific. Description: Plan and coordinate special events at the direction of the FFGC President. 

Ways & MeansCriteria: non-specific. Description

Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman -

Wekiva Leadership Chairman -

Wekiva Youth Camp Treasurer - Criteria:          DescriptionThis chairman assists the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman, Wekiva Leadership Training Chairman, and Critter Camp Chairman with budget preparation, compliance and reconciliation.  This Chairman is responsible for the receipt and acknowledgement of donations to Wekiva Youth Camp.  This Chairman, along with the Wekiva Youth Camp Chairman, is responsible for disbursements for the operations of Wekiva Youth Camp (including Payroll & Contract Labor), in accordance with the approved budget.  This Chairman is responsible for preparation of the quarterly reports regarding income and expenses of Wekiva Youth Camp's segregated funds for distribution to the FFGC Finance Committee and FFGC Accountant.  This Chairman works with the FFGC Treasurer to ensure that appropriate IRS filings related to Wekiva Youth Camp are handled in a timely manner.  At the end of each Camp Session, this Chairman updates the list of future needs/wants for inclusion in the next year's budget and/or Wish List.  This Chairman is responsible for reporting the financial operations and condition annually to the FFGC Board of Directors.  This Chairman keeps the signatories and authorizations current with the banking institutions that receive, hold or disburse funds for Wekiva Youth Camp, as authorized by the FFGC Board of Directors.  This chairman also maintains and updates the Wekiva Youth Camp website - www.wekivayouthcamp.org

The following are volunteer opportunities and/or appointed roles within FFGC


District Director



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