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is having a wonderful resurgence! Although it's an ancient agrarian concept and a cooperative effort of many to cultivate a specific area for food production, it has now evolved into more than just harvesting and sharing edible produce. It has become an opportunity for social change and intergenerational cooperation and interaction through awareness, education, experience, example, friendship and socialization. 

At the core of the Community garden are the PEOPLE involved. By participating in the community and MENTORING, we have an opportunity to bring people together and empower them with a new sense of pride, accomplishment and ownership as they learn about environmental issues, water conservation, organic gardening alternatives, pest control, and nutrition. Plant the seeds of a Community Garden in your area today! For information on how to create interest, set goals, and organize your skills and resources to establish a community garden.                     Contact Linda Henderson

Deep South Region Unified Project - Community Gardening

      This two-year project is part of the theme of the Deep South Region Director's administration which expresses what gardeners do best, and that is to share; "Share the Beauty of Gardening". Sharing has many meanings and the Unified Project brings sharing to the community through growing and sharing plants and vegetables in our Community Gardens.  Community Gardening includes back yard vegetable gardening, container gardening, gardening with edible accents, children's gardens, herb gardening, hydroponics, etc. Get involved in this exciting gardening opportunity by starting a community garden at a school, in your neighborhood, a vacant lot in a town or city, or at a church. Check out the awards available at www.dsregion.org.
      The Unified Project chairman and the Deep South Regional Chairman will work with member clubs to help identify community gardens projects.
Chairman will be collecting pictures, newspaper articles, and summaries from each of our twelve Florida districts so that a "Florida State Book of Evidence" can be compiled. Be a part of this stimulating venture by starting a project of Community Gardening, document your work and become a part of the excitement to "Share the Beauty of Gardening".
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