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This hands-on, make-it-and-take-it-program affords your club a wonderful opportunity for attracting new members, raising funds, endless creativity, community outreach and involvement, sharing your talents, appealing to both young and old (men, women, and the kiddies, too), combining arts and crafts with flowers, fellowship, and, most of all, FUN! How many other programs can can tout so much?
We encourage each club and circle to incorporate Fun With Flowers into your annual program schedule. Your chairmen are ready and willing to help you promote this educational and FUN program...and in applying for an FFGC Award, too! Contact us for more information on planning and producing your club’s personal, tailored-to-fit Fun With Flowers program; your chairmen will travel, hold training sessions, give programs and/or workshops, and share ideas.
Order the Fun With Flowers Manual and Supplement/s from FFGC Headquarters. Let us know when you plan to hold class/es so we can put that information on the web and in The Florida Gardener. Tell us how many attendees you had, if you garnered new members, and what new ideas you tried out that could be shared with others...Take photographs, too! Do you have a new design idea you¹d like to have included in the next Fun With Flowers manual supplement or put on the web page? Contact this chairman...let¹s chat about it!
There is simply no other program like Florida¹s FUN WITH FLOWERS!

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