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Bartram Trail Markers

One of the most important American literary and scientific books of the 18th century, Bartram Travels published in 1791, was written by William Bartram. The son of naturalist John Bartram, a botanist for the King of Great Britain, William (1739-1823) traveled through North and South Carolina, Georgia and East and West Florida. He recorded an extensive study of his travels giving an account of the soil and natural productions of those regions, together with observations on manners of several Indian tribes.

      The late FFGC former President, Van Blanchard designed the Bartram Markers which have been placed all over the Deep South to mark the routes that he traveled. A list of some 70 markers, 25 of which are in Florida's portion of the trail, can be obtained by FFGC clubs from this committee chairman. These markers designate the sites mentioned in the Travels and create an awareness and appreciation for the noted artist and explorer. 

       Clubs in Districts 1 - 6 are encouraged to place a marker in an appropriate site of their choice. The price is $1,200. Click HERE for information about club programs or to request order forms. More information can be foun on the Bartram Trail Conference website: www.bartramtrail.org

Blue Star Memorial Markers

 This historic National Garden Clubs, Inc.  program began in 1945 and continues  today as a most important public display  of our Federated Garden Clubs' support,  respect, and honor for our military  services. It is the goal of this chairman to  contact every FFGC district and club to encourage the placement of Blue Star Memorial Markers in their areas, and to encourage the landscaping and upkeep of existing markers throughout the state. For information on how to attain and place a marker, hold a dedication ceremony, or to report on an existing marker, please contact chairman Rosita Aristoff

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