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This page contains links for quick reference and access to the documents and tools you'll use most often. This page is not available/visible to other FFGC members. Items on this page may possibly be found elsewhere as well (such as our cloud storage or other pages of this website). On the right of this page please find a personalized calendar of events and the Directors Forum.

Director Resources

District Directors Manual 2023-2025   

FFGC Charter, Bylaws, and Standing Rules (5/1/2023)

FFGC Book of Information (updated March 15, 2023, updates in blue)

Robert's Rules of Order

Sample Reports and Forms


          Credentials Report    (updated 10/2019)  

           Income and Expense Report

          Teller Report

Quick Links

   Club Information Page


    FFGC Platform FAQ's

   Money - Where it goes

   How to Write District Bylaws

   How to Write Club Bylaws

Upcoming District Meetings

   Directors Forum



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