How Can you Help Grow a Forest? – The Penny Pines Program

One way is to help establish a PENNY PINES PLANTATION in a National Forest.

Your Garden club can participate in a meaningful and practical conservation project by contributing $68.00 to a Penny Pines plantation as part of the costs of replanting replacement and/or trees indigenous (not just pine trees) to a particular damaged area, whether by fire or by other natural catastrophes.

The plantations are a part of the regular National Forest reforestation program planted on burned-over and brush covered areas which are potentially productive timberlands. Planting sites are selected by the Supervisor of each National Forest. These plantations provide soil protection, watershed protection, soil stabilization, future harvestable timber, as well as beauty and shade for recreation.

All our contributions go to our National Forests in the State of Florida!

Contributions must be in increments of $68 (which covers an acre of seedlings).

We need to promote education in conservation by creating public awareness of the need to protect and manage our National Forest resources. Let's all publicize our objectives and establish even more Penny Pines plantations for the reforestation of the National Forests. 

Let's "PLANT AMERICA -- PLAY OUTDOORS" (NGC Theme for 2021-2023) 

FFGC Penny Pines Form

FFGC Penny Pines Chairman

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