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 (Fall 2022)

The Florida Gardener is the official publication of the FFGC. Issued as a quarterly magazine to over 10,000 FFGC members, the magazine shares the activities and accomplishments of individuals, circles, clubs, and districts.

Learn about special events, workshops, and NGC classes on gardening, horticulture, landscape design, flower arranging, the environment and conservation, plus feature articles on a variety of issues.

Members are welcome to submit an article. Submit your article to your club president who will forward to your District Director or the appropriate board chairman for approval.

All members receive it directly to their email as a perk of membership. Most past editions are available below to anyone interested.

Past Issues

2022 -  Spring    Summer    Fall    Winter

2021 -  Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

2020 -  Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

2019 -  Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

2018 -  Spring   Summer   Fall   Winter

1997 -  Winter

1980 -  Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-Jun  Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1981 -  Mar-Apr  May-Jun

1979 - Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-Jun  Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1978 - Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-Jun  Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1977 - Jan-Feb Mar-Apr May-Jun Sep-Oct Nov-Dec

1976 - Jan-Feb Mar-Apr May-Jun Sep-Oct Nov-Dec

1975 - Jan-Feb Mar-Apr May-Jun Sep-Oct Nov-Dec

1974 - Jan-Feb Mar-Apr May-Jun Jul-Aug Nov-Dec

1973 - Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-Jun  Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1972 - Jan-Feb  Mar-Apr  May-Jun  Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1971 - Jan-Feb   Apr-May-Jun   Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1963 - Mar-Apr  Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1962 - Sep-Oct

1961 - Mar-Apr  Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1960 - Jan-Feb  May-June  Sep-Oct  Nov-Dec

1958 - Summer

1957 -  Jan-Feb  Oct

1956 -  May-June  Jul-Aug  Sep-Oct

1954 -  March Summer

1953 -  Winter Spring


For international mailing, please subscribe by contacting our headquarters office at 407-647-7016

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