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Environmental Schools Course 4 - VI

  • 5 Nov 2020
  • 8:00 AM
  • 6 Nov 2020
  • 3:00 PM
  • New Smyrna Beach Garden Club

Note that this is an opportunity to highlight the benefits of your class, ‘market’ your event, encourage involvement or volunteering as well as the general description. If you’re submitting a class that is part of a series, take this opportunity to briefly discuss the value of the series.

This course concentrates on water and related issues.  Classes include subjects such as aquatic plants and animals, wetlands, sustainability, earth stewardship, plus more.  This is a very relevant course due to the water issues that affect our state.

Additional information other than what has already been stated, such as special instructions, where to park, what to bring, etc. Please limit to 3 lines of instruction: ___Environmental School courses can be taken in any order.  Lunch is included._______________________________

Name of Person to Contact and a phone number only if you want that phone number to be public:

___________Sally Flanagan, sfflan@aol.com  (382) 428-3170_________________

If you would like a registration form or flyer attached to the calendar entry, send it as a .pdf via email with this completed form. Similarly, if you want an image with the entry, attach it as a .jpeg

*Name of person submitting this entry request: _Nancy Richards, FFGC Environmental Schools Chairman_

*Would you like online registration enabled for your event?  _____ Yes     __x___No

If Yes, what information other than Name & Address would you like the registrant to provide? (Examples: Have you taken this course before?, What was your date of certification? Do you currently belong to a Garden Club?)

___Brochure and registration will be attached when available.________________________________________________________________

Do you want to enable payment acceptance online?  ____ Yes    ___X__ No

If Yes, Check which method: ____ Online Only  _____ Online and Offline

Return this completed form to headquarters via email in the same Word format.

* Indicates required information to process your request

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