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MOST FFGC AWARDS DUE November 30, 2018

Most AWARDS will be JUDGED - DECEMBER 6, 2018 8:30AM

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2017 FFGC and Deep South Award Winners

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 This page is designed to provide all the information necessary to      understand and apply for awards.  After reading through the  requirements, click on either FFGC, or NGC, here or at the bottom of this page to be taken to the appropriate awards area.

General Rules of Application, Scale of Points, and Contact Information

Awards Year: January 1 to December 31 annually unless otherwise stated. All awards may be presented annually, if merited. Any exceptions will be noted.

A. Only Florida Federation of Garden Clubs members are eligible to apply for FFGC awards unless otherwise stated in the award description. Members are: member garden clubs, groups of member clubs, and individual members of garden clubs. Junior, Intermediate, High School Garden Clubs, Individual Youth must be sponsored by a member garden club to be eligible for specific FFGC and NGC awards.
B. No club/s, circle/s, or individual/s may win the same award two years in succession; however, when it is an award for a individual project, a different individual in the same club or circle may win in successive years.
C. When the same project is eligible for various awards, submitting exact duplication of the application is not acceptable. A significant change must be evident in the summary regarding the projects.

The application form is available in a format that can be downloaded and completed. It is available in a MS Word form that can be filled in on-line -FFGC Award Application FormThis form should be used for all awards unless otherwise stated in the award description and criteria below (See Flower Show and Youth Awards). Alternately, you can download the form or obtain one from your District Awards Chairman, who can provide an application in “Microsoft Word” format that may be easier for you to work with.


Applications must conform to the following required criteria:

  • There is a three (3) page limit, using only the front of each page - the FFGC Award Application Form plus two (2) additional pages. (There are a few exceptions to this 3 page limit and they will be listed with specific awards.)
  •  If a Scale of Points is included under an Award description, address topics listed on the Scale of Points along with any supporting data and photographs. If no Scale of Points is listed, use the Basic Scale of Points at the end of the Awards Rules.
  • Binders and vinyl sheet protectors are not required or allowed. Staple the three pages together at the upper left corner.
  • Computer generated entries are advised. If the preparer is deficient in computer skills, entries may be cut and pasted by hand. However, a clear, color copy of the hand- generated entry should be mailed. Since entries will not be in binders or plastic sleeves, glued or taped documentation could fall off or be lost.Applications will not be returned. Exceptions noted in the award description.
  • Flower Show Achievement Awards and NGC Awards of Excellence (NGC Awards $#23, 24, and #25) have different application forms.
  • Applications and Books of Evidence will not be returned except where noted in the award description.


The FFGC Award Application Form and documentation for all adult FFGC Awards must be sent to FFGC Headquarters to arrive on or before November 30, 2018except where noted in the award description.

  1. Complete the FFGC Award Application form - 3 pages only.
  2. Mail TWO COPIES of the Award Application directly to FFGC Awards Chairman Valerie Seinfeld at FFGC Headquarters (1400 South Denning Drive, Winter Park FL 32789-5662). (There have been some changes to this rule for 2015-2017 and most Award Applications are to be sent directly to FFGC Headquarters. Any exceptions to this rule will be noted in the award description.)
  3. Deadline for submission is November 30, 2018, unless otherwise noted in award description.
  4. Make and keep one copy of the entire application for your records.
  5. Make a copy of the first page of the application and send to your District Awards Chairman.
  6. Some exceptions to this procedure include:
  • Award #11 Yearbooks - complete the necessary information on the FFGC Award Application form (top part only). Refer to Submission Requirements under detailed listing and send to FFGC Third Vice President, Tina Tuttle  at 6755 Highway 99, Molino, FL 32577-4048  by November 1.
  • Awards # 12 & #13 Publications - Submit entries with one Application Form. Questions on the Application Form must be answered. Details are important. Submit to FFGC Awards Chair Valerie Seinfeld at FFGC Headquarters by December 1.
  • Award #62 Mary S. Compton Awards for Publicity Press Books - complete the necessary information on the FFGC Awards Application Form (top part only). Prepare a Book of Evidence. No limit on number of pages. Submit to FFGC Publicity Press Book Chairman Kristine Blake, PO Box 5391, Fort Lauderdale FL 33310-5391 by January 15.
  • Flower Show Achievement Awards - Send Book of Evidence and Flower Show Achievement Award Application to FFGC Flower Show Consultant, Barbara May, 521 Barclay Fairway, Wellington FL 33449 by November 30.
  • Flower Show Related Awards use the FFGC Award Application and send to: FFSJ President, Mary Silas at 301 Waters Edge Drive S., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 904.285.1411 by November 30.

Categories by Size
 Garden Club applications shall be judged according to size determined by number of members on whom FFGC dues are paid, including Active, Associate, Inactive, Honorary, etc. To determine the category for each award, consult the description of categories under each specific award. The category sizes may be different for different awards.

Return of Materials
Materials submitted on the three page entry forms will not be returned. Make a copy of your application for your records.

Publications and Books of Evidence will not be returned. Make a copy for your records.


  1. Unless another Scale of Points is indicated under a specific award, the Basic Scale of Points will be used to judge all FFGC Awards Applications. Be sure to study the requirements for each award and understand which Scale of Points will be used for judging that award.

    Basic Scale of Points

Presentation .................................................................................. 5

Neat, concise, all information included on the FFGC Awards Application Form (3 sheets allowed) or in the Book of Evidence (if required).


Size and scope of project, need and fulfillment, benefit, accomplishment, comprehensiveness of work, activities to attain goals, evaluation of
goals reached, educational value, prior planning, very brief history if continuing project, financial report, other.

Participation ...................................................................................15 

Size of club, involvement of members, youth, community,
professionals, residents in facilities, others. Not all of these have to be involved.

Record or Documentation.............................................................15 

Supporting data (as applicable) clear and well-labeled, clear before and after
photographs (if applicable), landscape plan (does not have to be professionally drawn), financial report, letters of appreciation, 
community awards, newspaper/magazine articles (if possible), radio or TV script (if possible), etc. Photocopies are permitted.

                                                                                               Total: 100 

BOOKS OF EVIDENCE (BOE) .      FFGC Book of Evidence Handbook.pdf

Because of the importance of some FFGC Awards and the extent of accomplishment that they represent, or because some simply will not fit on the new awards form, a Book of Evidence is required. The following FFGC awards require a Book of Evidence. Refer to information about each award for guidelines in preparing specific Books of Evidence.

# 1 – Blanche Capel Covington

# 8 – Garden Club of the Year

# 10 –Mentoring Award

#28 – Horticulture Leadership Award

# 62 –Mary S. Compton Awards for Publicity (Publicity Press Book)

# 67 –Pressed Wildflower Collection Award

Flower Show Achievement Awards


1. Use a lightweight, solid color, theme type binder, size not to exceed 8.5” X 11”. NO RING BINDERS ALLOWED.
2. A plain label (no embellishments) with the following information should be placed on the cover:
Award # - Name - Class
District #
Name of Club, Circle, or group of clubs & City

3. On top of the first page, include Award # - Name - Class; District #; name of club, circle, or group of clubs and City; percentage of members participating (when required by particular award rules). No Table of Contents is required.

4. Firmly paperclip two copies of the completed FFGC Awards Application Form to the inside front cover of the binder.

5. The summary should be written on the lower part of the FFGC Award Application Form. Summary should be brief and require no more than the space on the lower part of the application form. No additional pages allowed on the FFGC Award Application Form.

6. Entries are to be sent to either FFGC Headquarters by November 30, 2018 or appropriate person as indicated for that award.

7. Presentation:

  • Do not exceed six (6) pages, front and back, for a maximum of twelve (12) surfaces.
  • Use standard 8.5” X 11” paper. Pages may be placed back to back in six (6) top loading sheet protectors.
  • All material must be attached to pages. No loose materials, no pull-outs, and no fold-outs allowed.
  • Do not add extra information in any back pocket.
  • All photographs and other materials should be neatly secured to the pages.
  • Photocopies are permitted.
  • Trim all items neatly
8. Written Text:
  • All text must be typed.
  • Be concise. Follow all requirements in award description and Scale of Points.
  • BOE must include text and not just photographs with labels.
  • Photographs may be interspersed throughout text or following text.
9. When mailing BOE, DO NOT REQUEST “SIGNATURE FOR PROOF OF RECEIPT”. To prevent damage in shipping, enclose BOE in sturdy box or packet (Priority Mail Packet is perfect for one BOE) and secure with tape.

10.  Return of Materials – BOEs will not be returned. Make a copy for your records.


Deadline for application for Youth Awards (junior, intermediate, and high school gardeners) varies. Consult the submission requirements at the end of each Awards Description for the deadline for each particular award. Send to appropriate chairman as noted below:

FFGC Junior Gardeners Award Applications should be sent to Marci Wilcox, P.O. Box 775, Thonotosassa, FL 33592-0775 

FFGC Awards #J-1 thru #J-9 are due November 30.

FFGC Awards #J-10 thru J-49 are due January 30.

FFGC Intermediate & High School Gardeners Award Applications should be sent to Sandra Lynch, 333 Sunset Drive, Apt. 1107, Fort Lauderdale 33301-2661.

NGC High School Distinguished Service Project Award (NGC #76-K) to Sandra Lynch by November 30

NGC Youth Contest entries (except for Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Environmental Poster Contest) must be mailed to NGC/Deep South Youth Awards Chairman Sandra Lynch, 333 Sunset Drive, Apt. 1107, Fort Lauderdale 33301-2661 by January 15.

Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Environmental Poster Contest entries to Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Chairman, Cindy Rieger, 5042 NE 14th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale 33334-4904 by February 10.

Frequently Asked Questions about FFGC Awards, click here.
Awards Application Explained, click  here.
The Key to Award Writing, click here. 
How to Insert Images, click here.
Select an Award to Writeclick here.

Contact Information:

Valerie Seinfeld, FFGC Awards Chairman

Jennifer CondoNGC/DS Awards Chairman

Judi Jodoin, FFGC Awards Donors 

Barbara May, Flower Show Consultant - NGC/FFGC Flower Show Achievement Awards

Mary Silas, Florida Flower Show Judges President - Flower Show Related Awards Chairman

Marci Wilcox, FFGC Youth Awards, Junior Gardeners

Sandra Lynch, NGC & Deep South Youth Contests/Awards and FFGC High School & Intermediate Gardeners Awards

Kristine Blake, Publicity Press Book Awards

Barbara Rao, Scouting Liaison "Walk on the Wild Side" Plant Wildflowers- WILDFLOWER Patch for Girl Scouts                                  encourages a partnership between the State Garden Clubs and Girl Scouts.

Cindy Rieger, Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Click here for all the NGC information... Click here for Poster Rules

Kathy Spieker, Trees and Reforestation

Tina Tuttle, Yearbook Awards

Janice Hamlin, FFGC Awards Advisor

Susan Swain, FFGC Awards Coordinator/Advisor

Eileen Zebroski, NGC/DS Awards Advisor

Glenda Dawson,  Paths of Sunshine Award & Roadside  Beautification  click here nomination form - click here for             description  


Karen Smith, FFGC/DSGC Project Chairman

New! DEEP SOUTH GARDEN CLUBS PROJECT AWARD RULES 2017-2019 click here Due Date  November 28, 2018 

NEW! DEEP SOUTH GARDEN CLUBS AWARDS click here Remember to go through FFGC and NGC/DSGC Awards Chairs.

FFGC Headquarters

NEW! DEEP SOUTH GARDEN CLUBS AWARDS click here Remember to go through FFGC and NGC/DSGC Awards Chairs.


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